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July 31, 2016

Connecting with God’s Word

July 24, 2016

Connecting with the Great Physician

Remind fellow Christians of the specific promises of God. 2 Peter 1:12 Tell someone that your’re praying for them. Romans 15:13 If a encouraging thought comes to mind, share it! Hebrews 3:13

July 17, 2016

Created to Connect

July 10, 2016

The First Election

 Salvation is more than a moment in time Nothing is in you that can make the choice unless God is in it. Election is always used as a positive thing

June 26, 2016

The Kings Covenant

¬†Rules by themselves don’t save me God is not obligated to keep me safe and sound Only when Christ works in my heart it allows me to be obedient.

June 19, 2016

Rejection of the Kingdom

Key Points Be alert to answer questions about Christ. If we don’t answer questions, someone unqualified will. We do hot have neutrality with Christ – nor do he with us.

June 12, 2016

False Kingdoms

June 5, 2016

The Kingdom and the Wedding Feast

May 29, 2016

The Kingdom of David

May 22, 2016

The Kingdom and Forgiveness

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